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A very sincere Thank You to everyone to funded this project.  Artwork will be getting drawn and records will be pressed as soon as possible.  Now if you’re excuse me, I have 6 songs to write.  

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We have a Kickstarter and here’s why

Adam from Say-10 Records has a Kickstarter going right now to raise some money to release a limited double LP of our early stuff.  I should have mentioned this earlier (it expires in 48 hours), but here’s why it exists.  

Pressing records is a risky business these days, but it’s a business that Adam is in and enjoys being a part of, and throughout the history of Say-10 he has always taken on the responsibility of said risk.  Before we broke up there was a plan long in the works to release a double LP of our early stuff, and before be broke up Adam was going to fund the whole thing and rely on touring and press and all those other things to work out well enough that he’d hopefully recoup his investment.  In fact, the reason this LP was in the works for so long was because it was going to be very expensive to press, and thus it was taking a bit of extra time to get the money together.  

But when we broke up it changed everything.  Because we weren’t going to be touring, the already extremely risky investment of pressing this record became way too risky.  And so the options were thus: 

  1. Spend $5500 on a single pressing for a dead band and hope
  2. Don’t release a physical copy of the songs (they’ve been on iTunes for some time now)
  3. Begrudgingly start a Kickstarter

After thinking about it for a while, Adam went with number 3.  He’s never done a Kickstarter for a record before, and I doubt he will again, but the exception was made in this one instance because we were no longer active and the investment was so large.  

So here’s the deal.  The Kickstarter is for $5500.  That seems like a lot.  And it is.  But that actually is how much it’s going to cost to get 500 records made.  Seriously.  It’s two records, a gatefold cover, all kinds of extra money spent all over the place.  And because it’s limited to 500, there will be no further pressings (which are always cheaper to press) to spread the costs a little thinner.  It’s this one, super expensive pressing and then it goes away forever.  It’s more of a break even, let’s put this out there if people want it, sort of thing.  Make sense?

So if you do indeed want it, click here sometime in the next 2 days.  



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Two days after getting back from Fest 10 Jon texted me, “we need to talk.”  Like so many other aspects of existing in a band, the anticipated subject matter of one of these “talks” was the same as if it had been in its more common context of a romantic relationship.  You know before you know but you have to wait before you know.  Conveniently already at a bar, I ordered another drink and announced to my friends that my band had just broken up.

The following day I met Jon for coffee and he, never the most garrulous member of the band, skipped the small talk and regrettably announced that he was quitting the band.  There are myriad reasons to quit The Riot Before, and he listed a few good ones.  We chatted for a few minutes about our futures while finishing our coffees and then got up, shook hands, and went our separate ways.

Though The Riot Before has been made up of thirteen different musicians over the course of its eight year existence, Cory, Freddy, and Jon were by far the most important and influential members.  They performed on Rebellion and Fists Buried in Pockets, they were on stage during the vast majority of our five-hundred plus shows, and they sacrificed their time, their money, their personal lives to make this band work for as long as it did.  The band is permanently indented with their influence, so much so that, with all three of them now gone, it would be both insensitive and dishonest to stand alone on something built by a group and obstinately declare it The Riot Before.  So I won’t. 

Sitting alone in my dorm room playing guitar way back in 2003, I could never have imagined that those poorly strummed power chords were the beginnings of a sound that would resonate for the next eight years.  And I really mean that.   I grew up in a small farm town in a part of California that bands tend to avoid, and so for most of my life the act of simply attending a show was normally so far out of reach that I never thought it possible to get the chance to be the show.   That I would be a part of over five hundred shows in ten different countries, well, that was a reality that at one time really was even beyond the grasp of my imagination. 

I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who made this improbable band a reality for so long.  Thank you to those of you who put on our shows, put us up in your homes, put out our music, and just plain put up with us.  Thank you especially to everyone who came out to a show, from the shaky, stage-frightened start in Isla Vista, to the triumphant sea of fists and bodies at the Fest, to all those in between.  Thank you to everyone who sang along with us.  Thank you to those who will continue to do so in your cars and bedrooms.  Thank you for making us feel welcome in your town, whether there was a large crowd or three was.  Thank you to all the bands we were so very fortunate enough to share stages with.  We would never have made it this far if we had not been so surrounded by such inspiring, talented people. 

I am so very grateful for these years defined by this band called The Riot Before.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever had the chance to be a part of, and the bar is very high indeed for all future endeavors. 

Regarding the future, at this point I can’t image mine filled with anything but stages and songs.  I have to figure out the latter first, but once I do I have every intention of bringing them to a stage near you. 



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Anonymous asked: yo guys. HUGE fan of your music! One of my fav bands for sure! just was wondering if Brett was ever a jehovahs witnesses cuz in a few songs it sounds like your singing about it and how ur not anymore?

I was never a Jehovah’s Witness, just a regular old evangelical Christian.  And yes, definitely not one anymore.  Though I didn’t trade that out simply to replace it with evangelical atheism.  It was something I had to figure out for myself, under my own volition, and I prefer to leave others alone to answer those questions however suits them best…though I do love a good debate.  

Also, God or no god, ur < you’re.  

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We stayed with the very hospitable Kev and Patrycja in Huddersfield, U.K. a few weeks back.  Sometime very late at night we started sampling some hot sauces that Kev had, including one made from ghost chilis, called Blair’s Ultra Death, which has a Scoville rating of 1,100,000 (as a frame of reference, Tabasco sauce rates at well under 10,000).  Safe to say, the stuff was really hot.  

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Jon and Dan in Regensburg a few hours before our ability to walk any of those lines in the road would be completely destroyed.  

Jon and Dan in Regensburg a few hours before our ability to walk any of those lines in the road would be completely destroyed.  

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Our friends over at These Numbers Have Faces have a put together a great new short promo video with a soundtrack provided by yours truly.  

If you don’t already, go support TNHF faces right now, right HERE.

Oh, and if you never downloaded our unreleased song, Blank Slate, you can still do that on their site right HERE.

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The acoustic versions of Fists Buried in Pockets, cleverly titled Fists&#8230;Out of Sockets (because we are clever) has now been pressed on very nice looking red vinyl with artwork by the always impressive Craig Horky.  It&#8217;s only available in Europe through Gunner Records BUT we will be bringing some home to sell at the Fest. 

The acoustic versions of Fists Buried in Pockets, cleverly titled Fists…Out of Sockets (because we are clever) has now been pressed on very nice looking red vinyl with artwork by the always impressive Craig Horky.  It’s only available in Europe through Gunner Records BUT we will be bringing some home to sell at the Fest. 

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bindlepunk asked: I've been looking everywhere for a copy of Fist Buried In Pockets on record. I just can't find it anywhere. Do you know where I could get my hands on a copy?

Right now the only place to get Fists… on vinyl is if you get one of the last 100 copies left in Europe.  Eventually Say-10 is going to re-press it but it’s going to be a little while before that happens, what with it being a small record company in 2011 and whatnot.  We will be bringing a few copies back from Europe and selling them at the Fest.  Whatever we don’t sell there we will happily ship to anyone that would like to buy one.

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Last Minute Show Change!

So the bad news is that our show tomorrow (27, Sep. like how I wrote that in the Euro date first style?!) in Nijmegen is no longer happening.  Our apologies to the Dutch.

The good news is that we are now playing a show in Göttingen at Theaterkeller with We Fade To Grey.  Come hang out.

Also in the the good news category, earlier today in Leipzig Dan pulled off this impressive looking 5-0 without falling, breaking his wrist, and forcing us to cancel the rest of tour.  Well done Dan!

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